Pet Fireworks Safety in Denver

Fireworks are a 4th of July tradition, but they can also be a major source of fear and anxiety for dogs and cats. The bright flashes, thunderous explosions, and crowds of people are simply too overwhelming for many pets. Additionally, fireworks can be a health hazard if your pet gets too close to them. Before the celebrating commences, review these pet fireworks safety tips from our animal hospital.

Pet Fireworks Safety in Denver: Dog Carrying American Flag in Mouth While Walking Through a Yard
  • Make sure your dog and/or cat has up-to-date ID tags
  • Talk to us about having your pet microchipped if they aren’t already, and make sure the contact information entered into the microchip registry is up-to-date
  • Consider behavioral therapy to help your pet become desensitized to loud noises
  • Keep doors and gates secure so your pet doesn’t escape
  • Avoid bringing your pet along to Fourth of July celebrations, parades, and fireworks shows
  • If your pet is used to being crated, consider crating them before a fireworks celebration or party
  • If you’re doing fireworks at home, keep your pet(s) in the house. They could be harmed if they get too close to the fireworks, or they might run off
  • Check your yard for fireworks debris before letting your pet outside

If you have any questions for your veterinarian about pet fireworks safety, please contact us at (720) 503-9559.