Pet Wellness

Dogs and cats can develop health problems, just like people can, so it’s important that they receive health care on a regular basis to prevent these issues. To keep pets healthy through every life stage, Northfield Veterinary Hospital in Denver recommends that all dogs and cats have a comprehensive wellness exam at least once a year. For senior pets, we typically recommend checkups at least twice a year to accommodate the changes that come with age. These exams serve as the first line of defense against diseases and other health issues. Vaccinations and parasite control are two other important aspects of preventive care, so your four-legged friend can be around to keep you company for as long as possible!

Comprehensive Pet Wellness Exam

During your pet’s wellness exam at Northfield Veterinary Hospital, we perform a nose-to-tail assessment to look for any abnormalities that may require treatment. We also determine your pet’s heart rate, temperature, and weight. If we find your pet to be overweight, or if there are any nutrition concerns you have, we can provide a dietary consultation to determine if any food changes need to be made. We can also recommend advanced diagnostics in the form of digital radiography (X-rays) or laboratory work, depending on the results of the physical exam.

Vet Conducts Pet Wellness Exam in Denver

The Importance of Pet Vaccinations

Vaccines help protect dogs and cats from various potentially fatal conditions, including rabies, feline leukemia, and parvovirus. This is why we often administer vaccines during the wellness exam. We can customize a vaccination schedule to meet your pet’s specific needs, with consideration to age, breed, and lifestyle. Some vaccines need to be updated annually while others need to be updated only once every few years to provide your pet with the best protection.

Pet Parasite Control

Parasites are more than just pesky. Did you know they can cause diseases in pets? Plus, some of these diseases (referred to as zoonotic) can be transferred to humans. Ticks can cause Lyme disease and mosquitoes can cause heartworm disease—both of which can be very serious if not treated. To protect your pet from parasites, we offer a variety of preventive medications in-house as well as laboratory testing for parasitic diseases, such as heartworm (blood test).

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