Jen Weston

Jen Weston

I was asked to write a biography about myself. I really dread this task, and my first draft was super stiff and boring. And I'm anything but. So here I got onto my second attempt.
I grew up in the small town of Newport News, Virginia. I've wanted to work with animals my entire life. In January of 2000, O approached my neighborhood veterinarian and I asked if I could volunteer. I haven't looked back yet. I love all animals, but I have a special place in my heart for cats, and anything neonatal/pediatric. I have a passion for rescue and wildlife, and I've been known to pluck a family of raccoons out of a window well, and nurse baby squirrels and birds back to health. I also love Emergency Medicine and Dentistry.

I wanted to become a business owner to become rich and famous. Kidding kidding. I really wanted to become a business owner because I had a vision of creating a place where wonderful people, who love animals AND people and are really good at their job, could come to die in the last job they would ever have. I wanted to create a family. Because I know that if you have amazing people who truly love their job and their work environment, happiness will trickle down to the pets and their owners.

I have a daughter named Olivia, and she's an animal lover just like her mom! We also have an Australian Shepherd Mix named Forrest. He's the stray dog that was infamously chased around Stapleton for a week. We live in Conservatory Green pretty close to the office, so if you see us around, feel free to say Hi!


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