Our Vets near Stapleton Care for your Pets

Northfield Veterinary Hospital is run by Dr. Shelly Sandel. Together, she and her team of vets near Stapleton provide full-service care to both dogs and cats near Stapleton. This means everything you could ever want for your family pet in terms of medical care is all in one place. From routine checkups to dental care, our vets near Stapleton provide it all, and even tailor it to your pet’s individual needs and personal lifestyle.

Not only do dogs and cats get great service at Northfield Veterinary Hospital, but so do their owners. It’s our guarantee that whenever you need to decide what’s best for your pet, our team will discuss every option with you, face-to-face. We want to be a part of your furry friend’s healthcare journey, so consider giving Northfield Veterinary Hospital a try today.

Vets near Stapleton

Our Veterinary Services

At Northfield Veterinary Hospital, our vets near Stapleton provide the following services for all pets:

  • Pet wellness services for dogs and cats, which depending on their age and lifestyle can include physical exams, vaccinations and offering preventive medicines for parasites
  • Pet diagnostics, where we give out blood and fecal tests in our laboratory, and provide them with digital x-rays
  • Pet dentistry, including teeth cleanings and oral exams done under general anesthesia
  • Pet surgery, where we perform various procedures including spays and neuters, removing masses, or caring for a wound
  • Pet microchipping, which is a form of permanent identification for your furry friends should they happen to get lost
  • Pet behavior counseling for your dogs and cats experiencing abnormal aggression, anxiety, biting or nipping others, and much more
  • Pet euthanasia, either done at home or in our hospital, which also includes after-care options such as cremation and burial

Along with euthanasia, Northfield Veterinary Hospital also takes house calls for other services. These include physical exams, vaccines, parasite prevention and testing, microchipping, and more.

If you want to bring your pet to Northfield Veterinary Hospital, contact us at 720-503-9559 for an appointment.